Privacy Disclaimer

Why are you collecting my data?
We use data to provide you our services, to improve our products and services, to send notices, offers and advertisements.

How do you collect my data?
When you provide them directly to us by purchasing our products, leaving your data for communication with you or through a website, using cookies and similar technologies, and we may collect data from third parties as described below.

What information do you collect about me?
We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail, phone, to be able to provide you with the following details as well as in some cases if you voluntarily submit these data, you will also get birthday, gender, size and clothing Preferences to be able to send you relevant and non-spammy information as well as special offers such as birthday discounts.

Are you transferring my data further?
We only transfer your data to provide you with services (delivery services), develop new services (email service providers) and improve our service effectiveness (Google/Facebok analytics).

What are my rights in relation to my data?
You can ask what data we maintain about you, correct your personal data, delete your personal data, which are no longer required for processing. You can choose to opt out of marketing messages and to collect and use certain data.

You can ask us to delete your personal data that are no longer needed for processing by writing to us by email