Fashion after the pandemic: Latvian brand Black Swan predicts a trend for “new dressiness”

What will be the fashion during and after the pandemic? – a question that worries not only professionals in the field of style, but also any woman wondering what to wear this spring. Is there a place for spectacular dresses in the new reality? Womenswear brand Black Swan believes in the victory of beauty, vitality and vibrant colors.

The experience of previous centuries has shown that after the crisis, people want to feel the taste of life, be carefree and reward themselves for hardships, including beautiful clothes. Take, for example, the post-war 40s, when women donned the luxurious Dior new look with its fluffy skirts and emphasized femininity. The same thing is happening now. Everyone missed not only social life, but also the usual pleasures like leisurely conversations with friends at a cafe table or going to an evening movie session. The fashion for utilitarianism and the same tracksuits for everyone are pretty boring. The soul asks for expressive colors, impracticality and the very dress that changes fate.

Olga Broka, the founder and designer of the Black Swan brand, creates casual and smart clothes for women who want to live in the here and now. They do not postpone the opportunity to please themselves even in the smallest things, such as replenishing their wardrobe. A new thing is always a chance for a new, better life and an opportunity to feel different. A pandemic should never interfere with the feeling of beauty. Pampering yourself and creating reasons for joy yourself is a way to stay happy at all times.


Endless seasonal collections have been replaced by an interest in timeless pieces, with a focus on fit and quality. Every woman has a unique character and wants to emphasize her individuality with a corporate identity. All Black Swan garments are available in limited editions to meet the varied tastes of their customers. Each item is a new, special story for its owner and for the brand itself. Weightless and flowing materials are pleasant to the body, fit beautifully on any figure, easily drape and create an elegant feminine silhouette. Girls with shapes will find here a wide selection of modern, and not boring, as is often the case, styles in sizes up to XXXL. In order not to waste time on a trip to the tailor, in Black Swan you can make a correction of the length of the product for your height for free, because the impression of the outfit is very important. When a woman is comfortable in clothes, she feels like a million. The convenience and appearance of accessories also affects the sense of self.


Last year has shown that face masks have become a necessity and have come to our wardrobe for a long time. At first glance, the object, which was unsightly, has gradually turned into an interesting accessory. The fashion industry is always looking for inspiration in the present moment, turning routine into an art object that can become a stylish continuation of the image. Matching the color of the mask with the clothing has become a popular trend. In Black Swan you can find ready-made solutions with a mask or hair bow to match the dress, which will look harmonious.


The changes influenced not only the peculiarities of the style, but also the attitude of people towards each other. The best human qualities came to the fore, such as the mutual respect and warmth that Black Swan felt during his severe restrictions. Thanks to the support of customers from Latvia and other countries, the production, which opened back in 2014, has not been stopped for a single day. Collections, as before, continue to be replenished on the site and in stores with new interesting models for this spring and summer. In May, the brand launches the Good Deeds Club initiative and invites mothers and their children with special needs to take part in a free photo session. Mothers and daughters will be able to have fun, as well as receive joint pictures and handmade dresses from Black Swan as a gift. You can leave an application for participation under a special post on the store’s official Facebook page. Mothers and daughters will be able to have fun, as well as receive joint pictures and handmade dresses from Black Swan as a gift. You can leave an application for participation under a special post on the store’s official Facebook page.


The ability to enjoy the present has become the main skill of 2021, and right now, more than ever, we dress for ourselves, and not with an eye on others. Why not use beautiful life-affirming flowers as a remedy for blues and fill your life with them? Lemon, raspberry, lingonberry and strawberry shades that are relevant this season even sound like a recipe for a delicious summer cocktail. It remains only to find your beloved.

Fashion is made to bring joy. Audrey Hepburn said that happy girls are the most beautiful, that tomorrow will be a new day and that you should believe in miracles. So there is no point in putting off life until later. Let’s dress up, wear dream dresses, eat from beautiful dishes and enjoy the moment right now, because today cannot be returned or exchanged.


Author: Vyushina Elena

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